My Lear 35 Jet Experience

I am grateful, for I’ve been blessed with extraordinary privileges.  Thus, my special thanks to those people behind this trip, for I couldn’t write anything here on my blog without the aid of them.

God is indeed good to me.

When our sister company had an international flight lately, I was the one being chosen again to do the facilitation of clearances. I loved being commissioned like this, for I can stay in a hotel and eat delicious foods.

I was ready to depart last Friday at four o’clock in the afternoon using a commercial airline going to Puerto Princesa to tend the VIP flight the following day going to Malaysia when the top management of our sister company decided to evacuate the planes from Manila to Palawan, for the course of the super typhoon named ‘Ruby’ was apparently looming on its way.

The scenario reminded me of Ambrose Bierce that said: “calamities are of two kinds: misfortune of ourselves, and good fortune to others”. I was thankful  for that calamity, because it turned out to be a good fortune to me and without it I wouldn’t be able to ride a Lear 35 jet in my entire whole life.

We arrived in Puerto Princesa after an hour without having any discomfort at all. It was a smooth flight. There were no thick clouds wrapping up on us that would cause the aircraft to stagger while traversing above the blue sky.

Every time I go to Palawan our sister company would always let me stay at Fersal Hotel. I love this hotel, for the room is clean; you can’t hear any noise from the hallways outside; the staves are friendly too.

Thus, when the plane that I had been asked to commission to do the exit clearances departed, my crew companions took a day tour just within the vicinity of Puerto Princesa. Their itineraries were Crocodile Farm and Baker’s Hill. The three crews were first timers to visit those destinations. I’ve been to those places though; however, I decided to join them, for it was boring if I had to stay at the hotel. Thus, I joined riding a rented van going to those places.

Our first destination was the Crocodile Farm. After we registered our names at the registration area, we were directed to the lobby just behind the door where the registration area was located for the orientation given by the personnel to all tourists who would love to enter and see the crocodiles inside. The information included some facts of the crocodiles and some precautionary measures for the safety of everyone.

Inside the lobby, one could see the displayed skeleton of a huge crocodile that was framed with transparent glass. I couldn’t help to imagine myself if I were to be eaten greedily alive by such. Horrible indeed! Needless to say, I highly recommend this destination, for it’s interesting and lots of information anyone can get while listening to the tour guide inside.

After the Crocodile Farm, we went to Baker’s Hill to try their thin crust pizza. It was delicious and the customer can freely see how it was prepared. I also love the garden inside, for it was cool with fresh air and there were lots of colorful birds like Peacock inside. This place was thronged with visitors while we were there.

At night, we went to Ugong Grill for dinner. This restaurant was an open space establishment thatched its roof with Nipa hut and made of wood. It was truly relaxing while listening to the live Bossa nova music sung by a female artist inside. The foods were also flavorfully cooked. It was a lovely evening filled with beautiful music, interesting people, good food, fun and laughter. It was indeed a travel that’s so luxurious and can’t be forgotten.

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