I was in Puerto Princesa

I believe in the saying that if it’s meant for you, it’s really meant for you.

It was on Saturday early morning this past weekend; I woke up by the chirp of my mobile phone. It was a text message coming from the manager of the Flight Dispatch Department of our sister company saying he needed a help on Tuesday because he had an international flight on that day. Further, the aforesaid told me to come to the office as soon as I received the message.

Riding my motorcycle, I arrived at the office after an hour. My mind was still a bit dizzy, for I was drinking a bottle of strong ale and a few shots of brandy in my abode as my way of diversion after a week of work a night before. My being lazy to have a soiree with others outside has been abated my interest these days. I like more to stay home whenever I am not busy.

When the Flight Dispatch Manager and I met, he told me instantly that the flight was in Palawan. Again he’d chosen me to go there, for there’s a conflict of his flight schedule according to him.

On that same day, he asked me to buy a round trip air fare ticket.  I was excited, for there’s another story which I could write on my blog again.

Therefore, I left for Manila at four o’clock past in the afternoon on Monday. It was a smooth flight and I arrived in Puerto Princesa after an hour and a half.

After disembarking the aircraft I headed straight to Fersal Hotel, along with me was our contact person in the airport that able to meet me at the run way as soon as I got off the plane, to check-in myself and to inquire if the CAAP Permit had already been sent; for that was an agreement between me and the Flight Dispatch Manager before I left. This was the hotel where the crews of the aircraft stayed too.

Because the crews were already there two days before I arrived, in stand by position, for there might be another changes on the flight, I met them instantly at the lobby of the hotel. They were about to leave to have a dinner outside. And because I had to finish my task still, I wasn’t able to join them.

It was past seven when we got the PNP Exit Clearance. The sky was pouring with heavy rains when we went out to leave the PNP Office. And because it was already dinner time, our contact and I went to one of the tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa called ‘Boulevard’. This was where we ate our dinner riding our contact’s tricycle.

This place is beautiful if the weather is fine, for the cottages are open and you could feel the fresh air that gently touches your skin at night. Moreover, it’s a perfect place to do exercise too. It’s truly relaxing.

We ordered ‘Sinigang na Isda,’ Lato’ and Grilled Pork. The ‘Sinigang’ and ‘Lato’ were so fresh and delicious. I almost devoured the ordered food except the Grilled Pork, for my companion doesn’t like to eat sea foods anymore due to the abundance of it.

Because my time was limited and the weather was not good, I simply went back to the hotel after the dinner. But before that, I took the picture of the place to have my own recollection. I could’ve taken more pictures on the surroundings but it was still raining; therefore, I refrained.

I woke up early the following day. In the hotel’s dining area, where I enjoyed the buffet breakfast, I joined with the crews eating our meals together. I also took them pictures before they took off heading to Brunei to drop the passengers at one o’clock in the afternoon.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, on that same day, I also flew back to Manila using a commercial air line. While inside the airport terminal I was busy composing this story and almost missed my flight. Our mind truly becomes unmindful if we are focused on something. Thankfully, our contact person approached me again to remind me. I was the last person to get out the boarding area.

My time in Puerto Princesa was limited to indulge an escapade; but needless to say, the fortune of going to travel for free was truly an opportunity to be thankful for. I had fun.

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