Of Thai Art and Culture

“Art is a special faculty of the mind that can be characterized as a reflection of life, expression and communication of expression or other qualities.”

Every country has its distinct identity by exploring to know more about their art and culture. Like in Thailand, however, this country has a rich history and an equally rich art, craft and cultural heritage dating back hundreds of years. There have been various external influences to Thai art and culture including Asian and Western influence and these outside influences however have simply become a part of what makes them who they are today.

When we were in Grand Palace in Bangkok, we were marveled by its occasional golden and mirror inlaid sparkling temple, sprouting among the rooftops. The curved gables and carved deities were a reflection of an age old custom that was passed down from artisan to artisan. The Temples were a showcase of various forms of art from painted murals on doors and walls, to sculptured Buddha images in different poses depicting the ‘attitudes’ attributed to the Buddha. It was indeed an evocative example on how we can identify them being rich in art and culture country.

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