A day at Subic


I was tasked to go to Subic yesterday to pay for our company’s monthly dues. Knowing the rush hour traffic in Metro Manila, I left very early in the morning. I took the 3:40AM departure schedule of Victory Bus Liner Company in Pasay.

The terminal that day was not chaotic. There were less passengers travelling and many unoccupied seats on the air conditioned bus I was riding. It was certainly an engaging travel for the weather too was excellent.

I reached Subic after a three hours ride. The big establishments were still closed upon my arrival. It was a smooth travel.

I’ve been to this place a couple of times but it never lessens my admiration. Subic is still desirable to visit. I love the serenity and its peacefulness aside of course from being organized. It can be then described similarly to the yachts I’ve taken that day which served as my token of recollection. They’re neatly arranged and securely moored in unagitated water.

My transactions were successfully finished on time. I arrived home, after dropping by the office and after the heavy traffic, late at night. As usual, I love the stillness of my abode upon entering inside. The notion is similar to a beautiful sunset I saw on my way home that’s silently fading away until it gets slumbered in preparation to rise up again for the new tomorrow. It was indeed a fruitful and lovely day.


~ by sherwinportillo on February 11, 2014.

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