I was In Tagaytay Highlands

Have you experienced trying the lifestyle of an ultra-rich for just a day? While the earth is rotating, the universe conspired without my knowledge to arrange a time for me to experience these things.

Yes, it is! I am not joking.

It was on Friday, the day before this once in a lifetime experience happened, my officemate in name of Robert Dias told me to prepare my self to bring my camera for we’ve a photo shoot the following day. It was just an ordinary photo shoot for an amateur like us. He further added by telling me to be on time in the office before six o’clock in the morning. Without extending any further questions I passively agreed.

The day came. It caught me by surprise when the R44 helicopter was grandiosely in position ready to fly us to Tagaytay Highlands. Passengers included our boss Atty. RPL, Robert Dias and me. The helicopter was piloted under the command of Capt. Arnold Agahan. It was only a drop off flight for Mang Otie had made an advance party earlier to transport us going back to the hangar after the shooting.

The scenery on top is beautiful. The rays of the sunlight that day was about to shine brightly while we were jovially gazing at the infinite horizon. It was exciting because it’s my first time to ride a helicopter.


At six quarter we’re already in the area after a twenty five minutes flying time.

Tagaytay Highlands is an exclusive subdivision in the secluded area of Tagaytay and a Golf Club at the same time. This enclave is very expensive for one is not allowed to be a member if the person doesn’t have a million peso to pay for the membership fee alone.


The sceneries are very relaxing while the Taal Lake serves as an overlooking attraction from afar. Big beautiful houses are excellently built inside and it is surrounded by three hundred security guards. Rules and regulations are strictly imposed. Spitting anywhere is even strictly prohibited.





There’s also a Funicular vehicle that serves as a public transportation to the guests going to/from Midlands to Highlands (vice versa). Aside from this, there’s also a Cable car but it was out of service that day.




While our boss was enjoying golf together with his peers, we went to Picnic Groove to see the view and eat a meal. The Bulalo and grilled Tuna were simply delicious.





It was a new and wonderful experience. I am indeed grateful for I know deep inside me that my being a lowly employee surely can’t make me happen to indulge this fabulous lifestyle if I depend on the pittance of my salary alone. Thanks to my boss anyway.



~ by sherwinportillo on February 9, 2014.

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