Of Heron


When I was still a young boy my parents were able to stay in a farm for a short period and consequently, this farm was used to be my playground. It was fun for I exposed to nature lavishly and the moment was certainly memorable for I experienced how to climb in the Coconut trees, the fun of boating using a canoe in the river, the delight of catching big baskets of different kinds of fish using a Sumbada with my father, riding jovially in a Liya-liya using a Carabao, the hilarity of swimming in the emerald river and many more.

How exciting it was whenever the memories would remind me of those days.

Aside from those experiences I also able to see different kinds of birds and one of them is the flock of Herons for I used to see them in plains, in some watery areas and in the back of Carabao more often than not. It’s good to see them in groups for all of them are white.

Fortunately, however, I saw this bird lately perching in the cable wire outside the façade of our hangar at forenoon and gazing simultaneously over the infinite horizon. The instance intuitively reminds me the canal beside the gate for it has plenty of tiny school of fish stirring in the placid water. Perhaps the latter is hungry and preying for food. To my surprise I took the bird a picture before I regretfully lose the very rare opportunity.







~ by sherwinportillo on January 8, 2014.

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