What a lovely day to start up the year with this beautiful scenery.

This is one of the advantages for someone residing in an outskirts. The fog over the rice field is like an amorphous cloud that envelopes the land, while the sun is starting to brightly shine above.

This is what I saw when I was riding on my way to the office one early morning. My world temporarily took for a pause while taking the time to sate this heavenly creation. It’s truly marvelous and priceless.

 The picture reminds me of my Surigao Del Sur province of yore wherein the lifestyle is very simple and the slow-pace of time lingers on you for awhile. How good to the feeling like drinking a cup of black roasted rice-coffee in the early morning outside the veranda of your tiny Bamboo house (bahay kubo) with this kind of scenery, while sitting simultaneously with your two legs folded close to your body. All you can hear then are the chirping sound of the early birds that prey for foods and the wailing of your domestic animals. It’s indeed a stress-free environment.

This scenery happens in the month of January to February in Cavite on my way to the city every morning riding my motorcycle, for the temperature in these months in the Philippines is still cold and the indulgence to curl our body in bed while covered with our favorite blanket  to savor the “sleeping sickness” is very tempting.




~ by sherwinportillo on January 4, 2014.

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