Of Insects

My tiny lawn outside my home has planted ornamental plants. Some are naturally grown like the Ferns but the others are ornamental plants I bought from the garden store. Though I must admit that it’s very hard to maintain but despite of not being totally nourished, my garden is still occupied with frisky admirers.

What I like most about them is that they are very attractive, for they wear vivid colors all the time whenever they visit my garden. They wore clothes that would complement to the color of the leaves and flowers.

 These visitors are tiny and you can not totally appreciate their true beauty if you don’t scrutinize them clearly.

These garden admirers of mine are the insects. Using a micro lens, it able us to see them up close and personal. These insects have tiny details that only the micro lens can help us to capture clearly once it is viewed in the computer. And guess what? They are amazing! Moreover, their physical appearance especially the facial features reminds me the similarity on the UFO objects from the science fiction movies.

 On the other note, it truly captivates me the creativity of every individual.









~ by sherwinportillo on January 3, 2014.

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