Weekend in Ternate

My plan to come back again to Ternate, Cavite has finally realized this weekend. The reason from the very start why I like about this place is that I was enchanted by its mountains chiseled with different strokes and shapes; tall long trees and dangling vines are densely towering everywhere; the sceneries are simply beautiful; the fresh air is cool while sating the time on gazing the alluring deep blue sea.





The place is quiet for only few people are residing the area. On weekends, one can observe biker riding their mountain bikes along the road for it is a road less travelled. If lucky enough one can see wild monkeys walking beside the streets.


The Kaybiang Tunnel was illuminating with warm lights on that day while I passed across inside. I was like riding somewhere outside the country. It’s unusual to the feeling.


Communing with nature has a different feeling for it brings back the excreted energy to your body and mollifies every bit of your senses. It has a power that only nature can give.


Before I went home, I took the chance to stop near the beach and leisurely spend the time in taking pictures. Adjacent to this beach is a huge Mango tree on the shore. It was relaxing to sit on the big and bulgy roots underneath while spending a short conversation with the friendly locals.




It was indeed a lovely day.



~ by sherwinportillo on December 29, 2013.

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