My Pico de Loro Peak Adventure

My plan this weekend was to go to Ternate, Cavite to take the beautiful sceneries there but the itinerary was changed radically when I passed by Maragondon and saw the conspicuous signage of Pico de Loro Peak. Due to my curiosity I dropped by the area and took an inquiry inside. Thankfully, there were groups of mountaineers who happened to arrive that same time with me and wanted to trek that day. It didn’t think me twice to join them. All I’ve had then was my camera, a bottle of water and two regular size of buns generously spreaded-out with Peanut Butter on each side which I bought it from the Registration Area.

The weather that day was beautiful. The sun is glaringly bright and the sky above is painted in blue.

I followed the mountaineers when they were starting to leave without having any hesitations on my mind. They were in their complete gear for they had to stay overnight on top of the mountain. These mountaineers were younger than me. They were happy and loquacious together, a sign of being young, alive, and free. They became my friends eventually while heading along the way.




 The Topography according to the signage which was embedded by the Registration Area is characterized generally as rolling to moderately sloping in some portions, steep to generally steep.

The trekking took us three hours and a half going up. It was tiring, beads of sweat a size of corn ejected throughout the pores of my body, but it didn’t bother me for the temperature inside the forest was so cool. My immaculate Good Morning towel was soaked with sweat.

Trekkers were not many when we arrived on top. They were enjoying the relaxation with their companions while others sated inside their tent. It was already half past twelve in the afternoon.

While my newly found friends were busy building their tents, I opted to walk around the area and take some photos. It was very relaxing on top. The tiresome journey had been wiped out instantly while gazing the picturesque scenery.




After an hour I decided to start descending before I caught up dusk. I took again some photos of my newly found friends as being my recollection before I left.




The forest was a bit dark already inside even if the sun was still shining above but I felt no fear of might getting lost while going down. I met some amateur mountaineers who were still in the middle of their journey going up and they found me odd trekking alone.

I felt getting more tired and the joint on my right knee was already aching to a point that I had to pat my right foot on the surface very slowly so that the pang would not severely ignite. It was certainly a manifestation of being too exhausted already.

The trekking took me two hours and a half to go down. It was indeed fulfilling for I made it successfully without facing any problems along the way.

 The Pico de Loro Peak experience taught me many things. To name a few: It taught me to become more courageous to conquer the fear in every challenge and to accept bravely the uncertainty on what life may unravel ahead.

I arrived home safely with my body feeble and lame while entering inside my room. It was a good exercise.


~ by sherwinportillo on December 15, 2013.

6 Responses to “My Pico de Loro Peak Adventure”

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