The Myth of Typhoon Yolanda

The man heard a horrendous voice that came from the outside of his home. His intuition had suddenly told him that the day has come. It stunned him for he knows who that voice was. The man said, “She’s finally arrived.”

 The hair on the man’s skin bristled for the woman was calling him by the use of her whistle.  The whistle was so strong that makes the roofs squeak; the leaves of the trees sway by the thrashing of the strong wind coming from her bowels.

 It was a disaster.

 The village was silent like a ghost town. It was already midnight and everyone was scared inside their home.

 This woman had never stopped on calling the man and she wanted to get inside his home. The man felt her being frigid even inside his abode. He run to his bed and covered his body with his blanket in fear.

 The woman’s power was getting stronger and stronger. She’s giggling while peeping in at the window. The man saw the curtains were slowly swaying by the breath of her air. The man thought it was his last day on earth. Thankfully he locked everything before she arrived.

 The man tried to close his eyes while lying on his bed. And yet, it was so hard for the clanking of the roof was noisy outside. Her wrath was so horrible, but still the man forced his self to sleep until she’s gone.

 The day after the man was interviewed by the news reporter. It had been known that that woman was Yolanda and she’s a Typhoon Goddess. It was unraveled that Yolanda had spoken to this Pinoy man in a dream prior the incident for the former was so madly in love to this guy and wanted to bring him to her kingdom. The Pinoy man declined for Yolanda was not a human being. And because of Yolanda’s disappointment, she got mad to the Pinoy man and punished the Philippines severely. Her fury became the strongest typhoon in the entire history.




~ by sherwinportillo on November 9, 2013.

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