Of Childhood Days

When I was in Subic lately I saw a few fishermen catching fishes using a hook beside the dike. My  childhood memories that were slumbering for decades inside the chest had been brought out to life again for the scenario had intuitively reminded me, when the creek in the back of our house in Tago had not been constructed yet with a dike. The latter was muddy and filled with Nipa which my Lolo would use to get the sap regularly from its fruit’s stem using a sugong every morning and afternoon to be used as vinegar when it becomes fermented. My contemporaries and I then would use to catch Mud and Cat Fishes using a hook with bait attached to it or, we used an Awa (dragnet) to catch some aquarium fishes like Gurami.

It was exciting, although I had to be very careful for I might be able to step on a broken glass under the water.

Being a typical probinsyano, it was one of the recreations that I loved and used to do with my pals. It was a simple childhood experience. However, it was fun and incomparable.






~ by sherwinportillo on September 16, 2013.

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