Cordova: iba kasi ang kanilang Bakasi

The last time I went to Cebu, I stayed in the island of Mactan for it’s obviously by the beach resorts. It’s a good deal to someone who loves to indulge relaxation, drinking one or two flasks of ale, while witnessing the grandeur of the breaking twilight.  Certainly, the instance is parallel to winning a lottery for me.

In the course of my stay, I’ve got the chance to visit the town of Cordova for there’s a popular seaside carenderia that offers seafood dishes. Riding a jeepney and trisikad, I able to rove around the town and reach my destination.


Mang Entoy’s Carenderia has been serving seafood dishes for three decades now. The place has nothing really fancy though, but the latter is popular for its “Bakasi” dish, Eel cooked in “nilarang” fashion. It’s one of the Cebuano’s local dishes. The locals used to call this food aphrodisiac.  Apart from its reputation as a potent aphrodisiac, its bile is also held in high regard as medicinal, and is thus eaten un-gutted and intact (the natives insist the eel eats only what is clean in the ocean).

 I was surprised for the carenderia had been visited by scores of gourmand mortals despite of being situated in a nook of the town. I ordered their best seller “Bakasi” and the other viand that’s made of shrimp. It’s quite peculiar but tastes delicious certainly!


There is a technique in eating Bakasi: Hold it by the head with one hand as it dangles vertically. With the free hand, pinch below the head with your forefinger and thumb to peel the meat from the spine, catching the goods with your palm. Swallow and enjoy!




After done eating my lunch, I’ve had a leisure walk along the dikes to take some photographs. The sea that day was a bit murky for it was the time which the latter had encountered a ship collision by the town. The mangroves were tainted with ebony hue due to the oil spill which had leaked coming from the sunken ship.





It was my first time to visit that town and I enjoyed walking around while taking souvenir photos.


~ by sherwinportillo on August 29, 2013.

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