Another Weekend in Cebu (Continuation)

The day before I flew back home at midnight, I’ve got the chance again of having a whole day tour around the city. I was excited for the weather was simply fine and I had a plan of riding a ferry boat to feel the fresh air and to experience the common daily lifestyle of the Cebuanos using the latter, for I believe that the only way to feel completely the true beauty in every travel is to indulge simply the occasion of experiencing what the local people usually do.

The Museo Sugbo was my first destination.

Museo Sugbo is located in what was once the Carcel del Distrito, the main prison of the Visayan Islands. Designed in 1869 by Don Domingo de Escondrillas, construction commenced in 1871. It is said that the huge coral blocks of the Parian Church nearby were used to build the prison walls after the church was demolished in the 1870s.

Four rooms comprise the Museo Sugbo Permanent Exhibition Galleries, providing the visitor with a treasure trove of important objects and artifacts which make Cebu truly the premier province of the country. Over the thousand years of the past, from the New Stone Age up to end of the Japanese Occupation were showcased in the galleries, including Spanish-era documents, American-era photographs and WW II armaments.


Jeepney is the major public transportation in the city aside from taxi.  Riding this medium, I able to rove around the metro and reach the Provincial Capitol. This place is memorable to me for I was once a witness on a secret Civil Marriage inside this building. I also passed by the Malacanan sa Sugbo and took a souvenir photo. The Pier Terminal and ships that are steadily docking the shores had not failed to capture too by my camera while I was jovially riding a ferry boat.






The Cebuanos are simply helpful and accommodating. They are also known for their world-class furniture. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are the few renowned Hollywood Celebrity Couple who got an admiration from the Cebuano’s innate craftsmanship. The couple went here to buy the aforesaid.



Who says the Lechon in Cebu is not good? Don’t fail to miss their tasty and delicious Lechon de Leche for there’s something devilish in this food that you’ll surely hook on it.


 My short junket in Cebu was exceptionally memorable one for I learned many things from history to its culture, an ideal experience that every Filipino people must try to visit and freely enjoy.



~ by sherwinportillo on August 22, 2013.

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