Take A Break In Subic

First of all, I would like to thank my boss Atty. RPL for the invitation which he had extended to me for I wouldn’t be able to join this trip without him.

I was leaning beside my home’s entrance door, sipping a mug of coffee, on a Sunday early morning when my phone rang. I was just newly arisen from bed then.

 The call was from my boss. The first attempt was unsuccessful for there had been no response whenever I said, “hello”. Maybe, I thought, the sound card of my mobile phone had malfunctioned again for it happened to me once when he called the last time. The scenario was really disgusting.

 I was slightly troubled for he seldom calls. I texted him back a message instead, but when I was about to send it my phone rang again. The call was his invitation to Subic.

Robert, our company’s computer mavin and I had left for Manila at past ten in the morning riding a Sorento.  It was a smooth ride. Mang Otie, who was our driver then, had driven us straight to Harbor Point to have our meal for it was already lunch time when we reached Subic Bay. Harbor Point is a newly built mall in town.


The weather that day in Subic was heavy with thick clouds. There was an inkling of having a pouring rain in the afternoon.

After having our meal, we went straight to the airport to meet our boss who was riding a Learjet. He preferred riding a plane for it takes 30 minutes only compared to 2 hours travel time using a car.

Subic Bay is surrounded by skyscraping trees and mountains. This is the site of former US Naval Base in the Philippines for nine decades before the latter left the country in the later part of the 90s.

I’ve got the chance to walk around the area. The fresh air was relaxing for it was ubiquitously thronged with hedging trees and dangling vines. The roads inside were silent. All you can hear was the chirping sound of the birds and the swaying sound of the leaves while dancing in the air. It was suitable to indulge contemplation while sauntering around for it’s away from a hurly burly city life like Manila.



After a few minutes of walking, my officemates had come to join me. They were now riding a car with Rolex as our driver and tour guide at the same time for he knew the tourist spots and had been destined to live here for four years.  He was sent to Subic by our office ahead of us for he had to tend some important documents regarding the arrival of our new aircraft.

Subic Bay has vast untapped potentials. One can enjoy activities such as observing wild life like wandering monkeys along the streets and hanging age-old bats under the tree branches to name a few. The panoramic view of nature at its best was really captivating. The yachts and other cargo ships were adding attractions too while docking along the gangways and shore.









                           From left: Robert Dias, Mang Otie and Rolex

It was a beautiful weekend despite of the intermittent rain for I was able to capture some photos. I was able to fly too in a zip line like a superman. It was a weekend full of fun and adventure.


~ by sherwinportillo on August 7, 2013.

9 Responses to “Take A Break In Subic”

  1. i wish i had the chance to get to see the monkeys wandering as well! 🙂 where is this particularly in subic? is this part a protected wildlife area and inhabited? (esp if not) it feels unusual yet amazing for me. 🙂

    • hi kattrina! thanks for dropping by. these monkeys are protected wildlife. they are everywhere actually.I saw them near the airport. these monkeys can be seen in the afternoon most of the time.

      when was the last time you visited subic?

      • it’s been a while, actually. the last time we went there, we passed through the noncommercial (skyscraper-ish trees/mountain-ish as well) part of the region before getting to our destination and unfortunately didn’t see any 😦 maybe this is why i was taken aback when you saw monkeys wandering. unfortunately, i find it uncommon nowadays in the more popular regions in the country. but it’s a good thing that the wildlife is still being respected and protected as i could see in your post in what i could only assume as a bit commercialized area. 🙂

      • You are right. it’s uncommon these days.

        We were fortunate last week for we saw a handful of them. The monkeys in subic are lucky for they’re really protected by the government.

        you try to visit subic again. have you tried to see their ocean adventure and subicsafari?

      • not yet, but i will eventually, once i am “fit to go places” again. 🙂

      • i am sorry to hear that Kattrinna. why? what’s wrong with you if you don’t mind?

      • nothing’s wrong, it’s just that i had a spine surgery a few months back, and i’m taking my time to fully recover first (just to be safe and sure) before i embark on a new adventure. it’s kind of a long process of recovery coz it takes time to heal. 🙂

      • Get well soon Kattrinna. I will be praying for your early recovery. Here’s hoping we could travel then soon.

      • thank you 🙂 *fingers crossed*

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