Of Tandag City

The day before I left my hometown, I went to Tandag in the afternoon after having a siesta to take some souvenir photos riding a tricycle. Tricycle is the only major public transportation in our town going to/from Tandag.

Tandag City is one of the oldest settlements in Caraga with great wealth of natural resources. The twin Islands of Linungao are said to be the living witnesses of the early Tandag. It is considered as the city’s icon. These are big and small islands with veritable havens of multi-faceted rocks fringed with skyscraping trees, species of birds and interestingly the habitat of age-old bats.

The Twin Islands have vast untapped potentials. Be captivated by the panoramic view of nature at its best. One can enjoy activities such as observing wildlife, cave exploration and scuba diving along the channels of Mangcagangi and Linungao.

The weather that day was gloomy but my eagerness to go to the place had never stopped me. The beauty of the islands had made me fascinated most especially the rock formations and the unlimited scenery on top. The fishing boats too had added an embellishment to look the scenery more beautiful.

It was already past five when I finished taking some photos. My infinite depth had been overwhelmed with satisfaction for I have some stories and photos to share again on my blog. But the funniest experience which I’ve encountered was the anus of mine had been so itchy while riding the tricycle on my way home until I got off, for the latter had the tendency to inevitably vibrate whenever it had to accelerate to a faster speed. The oddity was unusually awkward for my anus was like mildly electrified. Yes, it was! I subtlety scratched my behind while glancing furtively the surroundings for our neighbors might see me. What a funny thing it really was.  Adventure, indeed!











~ by sherwinportillo on August 1, 2013.

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