Mania of Britania (Part 1)

After the medical checkup of my mother in Manila, I joined to go with her home. I took a vacation for a while. The jaunt was memorable one for I’ve got the chance to visit again these captivating islets in San Agustin. This town has been illustrious for its white-powdery sand and azure-turquoise-combined-crystal-clear water.

By riding a rented pump boat at Joan’s Beach Resort on an early Wednesday morning, I was able to visit these alluring islets.

The regular fare for the island hopping tour was P1, 500.00 for a maximum of fifteen passengers.

It was a fine weather and my trip in traversing the islets had no difficulties at all for the sea was free with surge and the sky above was clear with heavy thick clouds.

I had fun taking the photographs.

Hagonoy Islet

This was the first islet that I’ve been to. It has a coconut trees and mound of shrubs within the islet that gave shelter to the visitors. The islet from afar was irresistibly delightful.




to be continued…


~ by sherwinportillo on July 29, 2013.

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