At Thirty Six

I am grateful for I’ve been able to spend my birthday once again in my hometown after so many years and for the new life that God has entrusted to me.

I didn’t think of having a lavish celebration for it was already my prerogative to keep my day simple and quiet together with my family. Instead, I’ve been able to rove around the outskirts of my hometown in the morning, after hearing the mass.

This outskirt is situated by the river. The dwellings here are mostly shabby and some are made of dilapidated wood, nipa hut and bamboo.

The people residing in this area are mostly fishermen and nipa hut makers. These people are poor and they live with what they used to earn for the day. It’s quite hard to endure but then I still found smile at their faces.

I took some photographs while I was wandering around and contemplating. My observation of simplicity and contentment is what I have noticed.

These are my few shots which I used to capture on that day. Words seem so hard for me to encapsulate for I found them vivid and it truly depicts about the reality.








~ by sherwinportillo on July 28, 2013.

3 Responses to “At Thirty Six”

  1. nice shot pre. belated happy birthday. my wish for you may God sent your partner in life.

  2. Nice shot pre, and Belated Happy Birthday.. My wish for you may GOD sent your partner in life.

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