Hindrances to our goals are nothing if there is love in what we are doing.

This phrase has made me ponder, for I saw something special that made me realize in a way that our incapacity to perform on something no matter how bad they were as long as we have a burning desire to help ourselves at the endeavor that we are dreaming to aim about, that invalidity does have always a possibility.

When I was in Bohol on my way going back to Manila, there had been four blind men performing their master pieces to the departing passengers inside the terminal building. The prowess on their ability to perform had caught my attention.

It has become ordinary in nature to most Filipino people to sing and this can be observed anywhere you go in the Philippines, most especially if there is a party at their respective abodes. But what it amazes me of was their undeniable ability to play the instrument despite of their being blind. Singing a melodious song while playing a guitar as an accompaniment is not a joke, for it takes an immeasurable time and effort before you hone that aforesaid skills.

What a big challenge indeed to all of us who are physically fit and capable enough to earn a decent living. This talent has been a source of income by these blind men through the given donations coming from the generous passengers in order for them to survive from their daily needs. The thought of being lucky, despite of my imperfections, has inspired me to do more and give my best all the time.

blind men


~ by sherwinportillo on July 7, 2013.

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