I am grateful on this month of June for I’ve been commissioned by our company for an official business trip to Bohol for a day. Bohol is known for its iconic Chocolate Hills, old churches and the smallest primates in the world which is the Tarsier.

It was then on early morning of Tuesday I left for Manila riding a commercial flight. It was a smooth travel, but the weather in Tagbilaran at nine fifty in the morning when I arrived was gloomy. Amorphous and thick gray clouds were blocking the rays of the sunlight. Perhaps the weather was bantering for my plans on having a junket after done doing my mission. But then again, the very optimistic of me had never lost my hope.

It took me only half-day to finish the job. Yes, that’s how fast it was! I thought there was someone steering at me for I did not get lost, it was very systematic and the people at the government office were very accommodating even it was already lunch time.

I rode a jeepney straight to the town of Loboc after done doing my task despite of the unstoppable rain. It was a bit far for it took me an hour to arrive. Thankfully, the rain had eventually ceased when I got off the jeep.

Loboc is known for its floating restaurant and holding the title as one of the best children choir in the world. Their church was built during the Spanish regime in the year 1602 and was the second oldest church in Bohol.



I reckoned that the remaining time that’s left for me before it turned to dusk was not enough if I had to ride for a public transportation going to my other desired destinations, for they were too far and the jeep had an  inevitably intermittent stop to load/unload the passengers. And so, I decided to rent a motorbike in Loboc. It was so fast and the idea was excellent!

My second destination was the Tarsier Sanctuary. To know them better here are some facts:

*The name tarsier was taken from its extremely long tarsus bone. Its hind limbs are twice as long as its body!

*Their third finger has the same length as their upper arm.

*Tarsiers are able to rotate their head 180 to compensate for their immovable eyeballs!

*The second and third toes of their hind limbs bear claws instead of nails used for grooming.

*Tarsiers are the only extant entirely carnivorous primates.

*Tarsiers are amazing jumpers able to jump 40 times more than its own weight.

*Young tarsiers are born furred and with open eyes. They are able to climb within a day of birth.

*Tarsier exhibits the slowest fetal growth rates of any mammal taking 6 months to reach a birth weight of 23 grams.

*Scientist differentiates tarsier species through their song and singing styles. Tarsiers do sing in high-pitched voice.


I headed to the town of Carmen after my Tarsier Sanctuary tour. But before reaching this place I had to pass by two more towns. The town of Carmen is where the illustrious Chocolate Hills can be found. The hills are covered with green grass but it turns into a chocolate hue during dry season.


It was already five o’clock in the afternoon when I left Carmen. A sprinkle of raindrops was starting to drizzle and the driver of my rented motorbike had to drive fast. The man-made forest that we used to pass through was already murky and frigid too. I took a picture of a man that’s riding a motorbike with two big boxes of ice bucket embedded on the rear sides. I conjecture he was peddling some provisions from one town to another.


Before reaching Tagbilaran I let the driver stop at the town of Baclayon to take a souvenir photo of their church. The Baclayon Church is the oldest church in the Philippine history.


Bohol is an interesting place to visit. But due to my limited time I missed to visit the other popular tourist destinations. Hopefully, I’ll find time to visit this place again soon.


~ by sherwinportillo on June 27, 2013.

3 Responses to “I WAS IN BOHOL”

  1. nice one pre. I hope if Gods will we will visit Bohol & Cebu for our family trip. thanks for the idea…

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