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This novelist is one of my favorites for he’s the type of writer that his avid reader will never truly get tired of reading his books.

His name is Ken Follett. A good master story teller he is.

Code to Zero is the latest Ken Follett’s book that I’ve finished reading lately and I can say that it’s really entertaining. The thrill and the hunger of knowing what will happen next are insurmountable most especially when the lead star of the story in name of Luke relearns the story of his life from amnesia; uncover the long-kept secret about his wife, his best friend and the woman he once loved more than life itself.

This book is a good past time to read for it’s descriptively written, easy to understand although loaded with main characters. It is a story of espionage, science and romance during the cold war of America and Russia in the early 90’s.

The other Ken Follett’s books that I can highly recommend are the Eye of the Needle, The Man from St. Petersburg, A Dangerous Fortune, A Place Called Freedom, The Third Twin, Flight Hornet and Whiteout. I’ve done reading all those books and they’re interesting to read and beautiful.


~ by sherwinportillo on May 2, 2013.

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