It’s Summer time once again. The indulgence of having an outdoor activity can be done any time for the weather is absolutely fine and there’s no way to miss what you would want to do under the sun.

I heard this haven from my sister when she called me, while I was still in Manila a few days ago. She’s now currently based in Thailand though but she’s here in our hometown for vacation. She informed me about this newly blossoming sanctuary that’s gradually starting to develop by the owner as a new tourist attraction and she assured me that it’s going to be a worth to visit for she knows what I like.

Yesterday morning, I obviously went to this resort alone riding a public jeepney that has a signage of San Miguel. San Miguel is another neighboring town of Tago (my hometown) that had used to be one of the barangays before, when it was not yet subdivided.

This place is situated in Barangay Cabangahan sitio Cagpangi. It is one of the twenty four barangays of Tago. From Cagpangi main road, I spent two kilometers walk en route to the resort. The area has no available public transportation for it’s still undeveloped and a bit secluded.

Upon arrival, cascading water over the layer of ridges is what I saw. It’s a falls!  The falls has seven tiny layers of ridges and I can say it’s beautiful for one can leisurely spend to take a bath among these layers. The water is so cool that it relieves your stress. The surrounding is overwhelmed with   verdures.

The resort is known as Greenfalls Resort. There are few cottages available in the area at Php 100.00 and an entrance fee of P15.00 per head. The tourist is required to bring their own food for there’s no store available inside.

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~ by sherwinportillo on April 16, 2013.

2 Responses to “GREENFALLS”

  1. pre dapat nagsama ka. nice place.

  2. next tme, pre.

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