When we arrived San Antonio, Zambales, after the five-hour drive of motorcycle from Manila, our tour guide had led us to Pundaquit Beach. This was the place where we rode the pump boat en route to the island. It took us five minutes more before we reached this place.

It was a fine weather for the sky was clear with gray trailing clouds. The summer season has indeed started.

The houses near the beach were mostly shabby and some were made of bamboo. The main source of income of the people residing here was fishing aside from transporting the tourists to the island. The living lifestyle was simple. It fascinated me because they were happy people and contented with what they have. The people were respectful and trust worthy too. We left our bags and other important belongings like our cameras in our tour guide’s tiny abode with its house freely open, while we had our lunch in the nearby eatery store before we went back to Manila, and yet, no one had attempted to steal it. The women were also hard working for I was surprised to see some driving the tricycle, as the only source of transportation going back and forth to San Antonio, to generate income in order to help their family. It was really remarkable.

This is the scenery of the Pundaquit Beach every day.

zambales 3




~ by sherwinportillo on March 7, 2013.


  1. pre mukang tao nga yung edge ng camara island no. limited lens lang gamit natin ok sana kung mga 300mm yan kuhang kuha talaga image nyan.

  2. oo, mukhang tao nga.

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