When Mt. Pinatubo erupted in 1991, the rocky island of Anawangin and Nagsasa were filled with volcanic ash and both had turned a certain portion into a cove. Because of its fertile soil, many thick shrubs were sprouting and Pine trees were hedging ubiquitously by the shore. It was then in the year 2006, when the mountaineers discovered this sanctuary and from then on, this virgin paradise became popular.

Fortnight before going to this haven, my classmate in college in name of Andy Villanueva who loves photography had asked me when I could have an available time for we are going to have an out-of-town adventure. I answered by telling him in the first week of March even if I wasn’t sure yet if I can go with them knowing for the nature of my job that it’s very demanding. Luckily, it turned out well. We were joined by our other classmate in name of Rafael Zulueta who also loves photography. The others had declined at the last minute due to some other reasons.

We slept at Raf’s house in Friday evening in Cubao so that it would be easier to gather when we’re about to leave the following day. He cooked for the three of us a meal on our dinner. I was surprised for I didn’t know that he has the talent in cooking. It was a hearty dinner indeed.

We left for Manila at 4:30A.M. riding our motorcycles. It was my first time to drive a long distance trip. We arrived San Antonio, Zambales at quarter to ten in the morning and were met after by our local contact who’ll guide us to our destination.

Traversing the deep blue sea using a pump boat was exciting. We passed by some rocky mountains that had been chiseled naturally by the continuous cycle of season before we finally reached the first cove.


Anawangin Cove is encased with mountains to both sides and it is bedecked with wedging Pine trees in the middle by the beach front. The island has no electricity, cellular phone signal and rest house. Truly parallel to a primeval setting! Tourists are required to bring camping tents and all the necessary things. In our case, we rented a tent from our tour guide and borrowed the other necessary things from him like plates, glass, ice bucket, utensils, etc. After we had settled our tent, we went to the other island. There is a tiny store within the area that also sells and caters to cook for your foods but the commodities and charges are a bit costly.

Picture 405

Picture 390

Picture 343

Picture 394

Picture 350

Picture 400

Picture 401


Nagsasa Cove is better than Anawangin for it has a generator in the area although the setting is the same. The beach front is a bit longer and wider and there are no stones under the water compared to Anawangin Cove. It is not yet visited by many toursist too.  Its extent land is also ideal for trekking and one can have the chance to experience scrambling the brinks and boulders going to the falls. We were about to change the idea of sleeping over here but we had to pay for an additional fee in going back to Anawangin to get our things. And so, we decided to stick to our original decision and stay overnight in Anawangin Cove.

After our trekking adventure in Nagsasa Cove it was already twilight, we went back to Anawangin to take a rest. Both islands were having a beautiful sunset. We let the store owner cooked for our food when we reached the island for we’re already very tired.

I woke up early the following day and went for a climb on top of the mountain. The scenery above was beautiful; the fresh air was very relaxing and the best way to commune with nature. It was refreshing indeed.

Before we went back to San Antonio, we dropped by to the last Island.

Picture 289

Picture 152

Picture 172

Picture 248

Picture 211

Picture 154

Picture 255

Picture 156

Picture 203

Picture 247

Picture 309

Picture 207


The island is shaped like a sleeping dinosaur from afar. The creamy color of sand and the azure water are really admirable. We didn’t stay for long for it was very hot and there was no place where one can shelter against the piercing heat of the sun.

Picture 427

Picture 414

Picture 409

Picture 421

My first March weekend experience this year was a memorable one for everything is new to me. I arrived home from my journey at 8:15PM after a six-hour drive. It was utterly tiring yet fun and challenging.


~ by sherwinportillo on March 5, 2013.


  1. master photography that is all you need. your blog is awesome….

  2. yes, i will do more next time. thank you, majorpain30.

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