I love music. It overwhelms my satisfaction whenever I sing my favorite songs using my acoustic guitar. It also delights me whenever I see people performing in the crowd excellently.

When I was in Rockwell yesterday, I met a woman at her 70s playing classical music in piano along the hall way inside the mall.  To my delight, I approached her and requested for a song. She was very accommodating and she gave me a chance to perform one last song before she had to end her session.

We had a short conversation after and I learned from her that she was a professor at the University of the Philippines and a former SVP in the Philippine National Bank. Her name is Florence de Guia. She was a very nice person to talk to and it was like we’ve known each other for a very long time. It was a wrong timing conversation for we were in a hurry with my officemates. But then again, music indeed can undoubtedly fill up the gap regardless of what age, belief and race a person may be.

Mrs. Florence can be seen every Monday at 11:00-2:00p.m. at Rockwell Power Plant Mall in Makati.

Picture 001

Picture 002


~ by sherwinportillo on January 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “MY NEWLY FOUND FRIEND”

  1. that was really nice. I remember a moment some years ago, there was this old man playing piano at Megamall, he was playing Moon River and he was able to form a small crowd of well-seasoned women and people touched with silver hair. They were all strangers but they all sing together, and it sounded really pure. It was one of the magical moment that surprises us :))

  2. Thank you, MariaSabrinaPalmares for dropping by. Yes, it’s really nice. She made me happy at that time.

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