The idea popped up into my mind one time of how the business in Divisoria is going at present compared to the previous years for it took me so long to visit again.

And so, I undoubtedly went there along my camera merely to rove around and observe.

Divisoria hasn’t changed yet. It’s still very traffic and teeming with people from different walks of life. The sidewalk vendors had cluttered everywhere.

For the benefit of those who don’t know about this place, Divisoria is a market district in the heart of the City of Manila known for its wide assortment of low-priced goods, wholesale and bargain shopping. Clothes, accessories, toys, novelties, pirated films and music, electronics, fruits, dry goods, school, office and household supplies, fabrics, textiles, crafts, decorations and “everything under the sun” can be found in Divisoria, making it the “mecca of value shopping” and “the mother of all markets in Manila”. It is considered as one of the National Capital Region’s premier economic centers, as street shops, tiangge-style bazaars and shopping malls are all found here. The district touches the different parts of the city including Binondo, Tondo, and San Nicholas.

Though it has no official marked boundaries, the greater Divisoria area is bisected by Claro M. Recto Avenue. Sidestreets containing the various shops, stalls and markets branch out from this main boulevard. The most popular of these sidestreets are Juan Luna, Ylaya, Tabora, Santo Cristo and Soler. The area boxed in by Recto, Juan Luna, Santo Cristo and Commercio streets is considered by some to be the center of Divisoria.

The weather was fine when I was there and I enjoyed taking pictures.

Picture 006

Picture 011

Picture 016

Picture 025

Picture 027

Picture 030

Picture 031

Picture 032

Picture 035

Picture 041

Picture 042

Picture 044

Picture 048

Picture 050

Picture 060

Picture 064

Picture 067

Picture 075

Picture 076

Picture 078

Picture 082

Picture 084

For public commuters, Divisoria is accessible by taking the MRT or LRT-2 traversing Recto Avenue and getting off at the last station, Recto. There are also jeepneys from Taft Avenue, Espana and Cubao which ply the Divisoria route.


~ by sherwinportillo on January 6, 2013.

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