One thing I like most about photography is that it can capture anything that can give meaning or impact in order to make a difference to other people.

When I wake up this morning, I was able to capture droplets of morning dew that had perched on the edge of the tiny leaves.

Morning dew comes from fog that gives moisture to the soil in order to survive the unwatered plant the whole day.

After taking the picture, it made me realize that  a wild plant that solely depends on the morning dew can be similarly described to a person who live a simple life without having complicating anything.  We can possibly survive by acquiring things that what’s only important for the day for I believe that whatever happens there’s always SOMEONE who gives miracle to all of us anytime. The same way with the wild plant that’s solely dependent on the morning dew, they simply endure the heat of the piercing sun for there’s always a pouring rain that will eventually come the next day in order for them to grow luxuriantly.



~ by sherwinportillo on December 28, 2012.

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