It was early morning on my way to the office when I saw a woman carrying a basket on her pate a few distance away from our subdivision. The black plastic checkered designed basket was loaded with used clothes ready to be laundered anytime and the woman was about to go down under the brink following the tiny trace of a human path.

Meanwhile, if one is riding a vehicle within that area and not familiar with the place, that person obviously will never know that there’s a secret haven below for it was prodigally covered with shrubs and wild Mango trees alongside the high way.

 And so this weekend, after my siesta, I went to the area carrying along was my camera. The scenario on that early morning had given me the nerve to go there for there was always an inquisitive feeling deep inside me that had kept on urging to visit the place.

Rolling water in solemn silence is what I’ve seen. It was a stream enclosed with sturdy rocks on both sides that have been naturally chiseled by its current for a myriad of years.

I didn’t know that there’s a stream near  my house since I transferred. It was indeed a lucky day for me seeing that woman for she had given me the clue to find that sanctuary.

To share to all of you with what I was saying, here’s what I’ve got.








~ by sherwinportillo on December 27, 2012.

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