By finding a time to commune with nature in solitude is my one way of relaxation. I can say that there is a serenity a person can truly find most especially if one is living and working in a fast pace and hurly burly life condition like Manila.

After my three consecutive working weeks without having a break, I took time to recharge myself in my favorite haven situated in Trece Marteres, Cavite. This place is a valley teeming with wild fertility. What I love most about this sanctuary is that it is seldom visited by many people and it is just a few kilometers away from my home. And so, this weekend I took time to unwind.

It was a good Sunday experience, for the weather had been simply fine and I’ve had the chance to scramble those boulders while taking some pictures at the same time.





Picture 039

Picture 047

Picture 053

Picture 135


~ by sherwinportillo on December 17, 2012.

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