Picture 010What I love most about having an eccentric mind is that it thinks differently and it proves to bring the imagination into reality. I have this agog characteristic that once an idea bobs up into my mind; it evokes to probe possibilities until it eventually gratifies my desire.

When I transferred to my new home, I was not contented with the ordinary bulb light that had been permanently mounted on the ceilings. I found it blunt and I’ve always had this restless feeling of finding a solution to give an extra touch of creativity that once it is turned ON, it would create a different illumination.

Buying fancy chandeliers would be desirable but if one can find a cheaper substitute that can create a touch of magic, why not? Right?

I prefer local handicraft lantern. It’s not that I don’t like foreign products  but I’ve  been wanting to showcase my home even before it wasn’t realized with what’s readily available locally. Not only a bit cheaper, it’s  tatak pinoy.

One time, I happened to pass by these lanterns along the Centennial Road in  Kawit, Cavite. It was openly displayed by the owner outside his shabby house. The lantern was made of Capiz Shells and it looks very unique and attractive.

I bought four pieces as virtual outer layer coverings of the bulb lights. The result had been satisfying. It gave a soothing effect once I would turn ON the light. The lanterns are almost two years now and it gives an ulterior joy to me every time it illuminates every night.

Picture 008


~ by sherwinportillo on December 14, 2012.

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