_MG_0008I love eating tomato. I used to partner it on any grilled or fried dishes, most especially if the latter is combined into anchovy or soy sauce that is thoroughly mixed with extracted lemon juice to balance the salinity together with crushed garlic and sliced onion to enhance the taste. Tomato is always included on my list, every time I would buy my provisions in the supermarket.

One time, I replanted few tiny saplings of tomato in my backyard. It was the rotten one I’ve thrown outside my home from my fruit tray, for I had forgotten to eat. I learned that this plant needs extra time and effort for the cultivation due to the fact that it’s vulnerable to fungus. But unfortunately, I happened to leave the house early for work and come back late. So, I no longer have enough time to water and nourish the plants more often for I am totally exhausted upon arrival. As a result, only one seedling was successful among the few stalks of tomato I had planted.

The tomato that survived is now currently bearing fruit. The fresh green fruit looks very delightful. I haven’t tried to pick a single fruit from the stem yet for I am waiting for them to be fully mature, but surely, it’s going to be crisp and succulent if it were to be harvested and eaten now.

Had I much time to nourish the planted saplings of tomato, all could have survived. But then again, I’m still grateful despite of the result. I simply learned a lot and hopefully, I can have more time to plant again very soon.

Lycopene and Vitamin C are plenty in this fruit. They’re effective antioxidants that fight against infectious agents and harmful free radicals.



~ by sherwinportillo on December 11, 2012.

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