Christmas decorations are everywhere in the metro. It truly signifies that the spirit of Christmas is inevitably due.

When I went to Marriott Hotel today to fetch the crew and bring them to their aircraft in preparation for their departure, I’ve had the chance to wander around for I arrived early than the agreed expected time. While inside, I saw a stall booth loaded with freshly cooked bread and pastry for sale. It looks delicious. The packaging too was excellently considered.

At first glance, I thought the booth was made of wood painted in brown and white. I was surprised when the Sales Lady told me that it was edible. My being inquisitive had darted me to get closer to scrutinize it. It was amazing! The booth was indeed made of bread. It was my first acquaintance with that kind of concept and to my delight it didn’t fail to please me. I took some pictures and here’s what I’ve got:


~ by sherwinportillo on November 24, 2012.

One Response to “BREAD HOUSE”

  1. me waaaant breadhouse luvs! :)))

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