First of all, I would like to express my earnest gratitude to my comrade Rolex Dela Helba because through his kindness and generosity, I was able to experience this once in a lifetime weekend adventure. Thus, I couldn’t obviously write a story on my blog with a corresponding picture that can be freely seen by many viewers without him.

It was on Saturday afternoon, I received a text message from him (Rolex) asking if I’m interested to join them on their adventure. Again, as usual, I answered, “Yes”. Like what they would always use to say, “Opportunity knocks only once.” My excitement levered upon knowing it to a point that I can no longer wait ‘til tomorrow comes and sleep soundly that night because I was envisioning the scenario.

November 3, yesterday, we went to this island called Hermana Menor to have deer hunting. This island is situated in the North West part of Zambales and owned by an affluent Filipino businessman in our country.

I left my home yesterday at 4:00AM with the zestful feeling deep inside me. In my mind, it’s better to be early than to be left mournful without experiencing this very rare opportunity. I arrived at General Aviation Area one hour after. Rolex was still sleeping inside his room in the Republic Hangar.

We departed for Manila en route to the Island at 7:50AM using a four-seater Cessna 182 plane with four passengers onboard namely; Captain Joni Jonco as the lead pilot, Captain Marlou Belvis, Rolex and myself.  The four of us were lucky enough indeed. Thank you again to the people behind this trip because through them, we were able to enter this private haven and experienced how to be like one of them in just a day. It was my first time to ride that plane though and my feeling upon embarking inside was indescribable. The aerial view above was beautiful.

We arrived one hour after and we were fetched with a Daihatsu midget car by the caretaker. The 112 hectares island was surrounded by edible fruit bearing trees. The lambs were grazing ubiquitously. Beside the brink sprawled a white tinted Mexican style house. It was old but still beautiful.  The fresh air was relaxing. It was a perfect place to commune with nature in solitude.

 My interest on deer hunting had changed when we were there. It was deviated solely to take pictures around the area.


After done taking pictures I went back to the rest house. And to my surprise, I found out from my companion that the deer had been so utterly shy and kept on hiding to the deepest bowel of the thick shrubs around the island so that they can’t be seen. In short they went back empty handed. The caretaker cooked a grilled lamb instead as being our food substitute for lunch. It was tender and delicious.

That trip was filled with new excitement and it was a great experience. We arrived in Manila at past two in the afternoon with a beautiful smile in our face.

From left: Capatain Joni Jonco, Rolex Dela Helba, Captain Marlou Belvis and me


~ by sherwinportillo on November 5, 2012.

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