In the Philippines November 1 and 2 are legal non-working day. Two days before it came, my officemate in Accounting Department, Ma’am Senie had approached me. She’s the perpetual mother in our office and she asked.

Ma’am Senie: “Where are you going to spend your long weekend?”

I answered: “Perhaps I just stay home.”

Ma’am Senie: “My family will be going to our hometown in Naic, Cavite this holiday. Do you like to visit our place? Surely you will enjoy the country side.”

Naic, Cavite is only almost an hour drive from my new home. Knowing for a fact that I love visiting new scenes and places I answered intuitively by saying, “Sure, why not?  It would be a great privilege to visit your hometown.”

Ma’am Senie: “I will text you then on Friday once we’re there.”

I answered: “Thank you.”

Yesterday, at 6:00AM:  It became already my body-clock to wake up at early in the morning even without office. A text message chirped my cellphone. It came from her (Ma’am Senie). She asked me if I’m still interested to visit their hometown. I answered, “Yes!”

In short, I arrived to their abode at ten in the morning. I was introduced to her relatives. After the throwing of cordial messages she had led me to see their farm. The farm was a few kilometers away from their home. We both agreed to walk so that we can palpably experience the natural beauty of nature.

It was a fine weather and the azure sky was clear with trailing thick clouds. We were walking along a human tiny path with thick shrubs prodigally sprouting on both sides.  While jovially glancing toward the horizon, the picturesque plain was swaying with spontaneous verdure. I experienced flocks of Herons roving above the rice field and the fresh air was very relaxing. It was really beautiful to the feeling.

We also passed by a stream of cool water and we saw some mothers washing their family clothes while their children were enjoying the freshness of the flowing water. The simplicity of life was really admirable.

Upon arrival, we went directly to their “bahay kubo”. It serves as their shelter from the piercing heat of the sun, from the unstoppable rain and to have a siesta. We arrived with her relatives sorting and tying the freshly picked vegetables from the garden ready to be picked up by their contact buyer. I’ve had the chance to devour the whole peeled cucumber on my right hand with a rock salt nestled to my left as being my seasoning in just one sitting. It was really crisp, tender and succulent.

After a few hours, we went back to have our lunch. The foods were lavishly delicious.

It was a great and memorable experience. I enjoyed very much.


~ by sherwinportillo on November 3, 2012.

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