I’ve always been marveled with someone’s innate creativity in terms of art and culture. Thanks to social media network. Through this medium I was able to find a beautiful haven in the heart of Antipolo City that made my mind be awed with wondrous fascination. Like what Voltaire says that appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

“Pinto” means door in Tagalog. Obviously, this museum that I am going to share to all of you was named after this word by the connoisseur owner due to its many open doors that will unfold to you once you visit this place.

Sprawled within the confine of Silangan Gardens is the Pinto Art Museum (PAM). It’s a one hectare plot of land, a home of the Silangan Art Foundation for Arts, Culture and Ecology, a non-stock, non-profit foundation spearheaded by a respected neurologist in name of Dr. Joven Cuanang. It took almost two years to plan, construct and organize this dreamed project based on the information that I’ve learned. And finally on December 5, 2010, Pinto Art Museum (PAM) formally opens its doors to the public.

The museum is composed with different kinds of artwork that Cuanang has been able to collect since 1986 up to present and these include paintings, sculptures, installations, assemblages and drawings done in various media. His personal collection divulged a unification of techniques, forms and subject matters that showcases the Filipino artistry and ingenuity. There are more than four hundred artwork collections in this museum that were deliberately made by promising and established Filipino artists.

The architectural complex was designed by Antonio Leaño. It is composed of interweaving exhibition spaces. He used an open plan together with high ceilings parallel to Spanish architecture in order to have a touch of reminiscence when the Philippines had been still under the colonization of Spain for 333 years. This can be noticeably seen on the hardwood furnishings and motifs that were integrated in the edifice. Mediterranean inspirations were also incorporated through the quaint turret, open porches, white facade and strategically placed columns.

Thus, this museum is a manifestation of Cuanang’s love for Filipino art and culture. In return he wishes to share the same perspective to the viewers.  Like music, art has the power to communicate, provoke and educate boundlessly. Encapsulated in each oeuvre are sentiments, discernments and perceptions that people can freely relate to. It has an appealing content that has the capacity to involve the viewer through their own appropriate and meaningful experiences.

Pinto Art Museum is located at the Silangan Gardens, 1 Sierra Madre Street, Grandheights Antipolo City 1870 Rizal, Philippines. Telephone numbers: (632) 697-1015/703-4453. PAM is open on Tuesdays to Sundays from 9AM to 6PM. Closed on Mondays. An Entrance Fee of Php100.00 for adults and Php50.00 for students are required to be collected upon entering the museum’s foyer.


~ by sherwinportillo on October 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “PINTO ART MUSEUM”

  1. Thank-you for sharing so much amazing artwork. Due to health I cannot travel but love art. So amazingly unique artworks.

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