It was Saturday afternoon on my way home from the office, a sudden notion bobbed up into my mind to veer my motorcycle into a narrow unpaved road in General Trias, Cavite a few kilometers away, before  reaching my home. The road was surrounded by an open abandoned land. Nothing else can be seen except domesticated animals grazing ubiquitously.

By trailing the road I ended up to see a view of a rice field that has a small unpainted shabby house in the edge side of it. The view was not enthralling but the fresh air and the tranquility around the area were relaxing. The scenario had intuitively reminded me when I was still a young boy simply living in a rustic village called Barangay Camagong in the town of Tago, Surigao del Sur with my family, wherein, our neighbors were a kilometer away from where our home had sprawled.

The rice field was my playground and whenever it’s harvest season during summer, I used to gather the remaining left over fallen rice stalks placed in an uncovered woven “kupi-an” in exchange of school supplies by my parents when the coming school year gets started.

It was fun and filled with childhood memories especially the zest of riding the Carabao when it was about to be ready for hauling by the main road or on a bank if it’s fetched by a pump boat using a “liya-liya”, after the rice had been neatly threshed and sacked for delivery.

I took some pictures and here’s what I’ve got.


~ by sherwinportillo on October 15, 2012.

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