Traveling is not complete without trying the dishes. And so, we took the chance to experiment the foods when we were in Sagada.

Despite of being a small village, Sagada has many food establishments that are strategically conspicuous in the area. Thus, a traveler doesn’t need to worry if he/she happens to go there because it can be easily seen everywhere.

The first and last restaurant that we’ve been to was the Yoghurt House. This establishment was recommended by bloggers who happened to be close friends of Cathe.

Yoghurt House

The building was made of wood. It wasn’t fancy though but it was artistically done. There was a fireplace inside to give warmth and comfort to the customers. Most of the clients are foreigners when we were there. But despite of being an enclave, the touch of the native culture was still visible. They even play exclusively their own local music and it amazes me.


We tried their homemade yoghurt bestseller and a few of their recipes which were all written in the laminated menu. I found it delicious.

Banana, Granola, Strawberry Preserves

Java Chicken with Vegetable Salad and Plain Rice

All of us have our own distinct taste in everything that we may indulge in. If someone finds satisfaction in what we have been passionately doing, it creates an enigmatic mesmerism to a point that it makes people keep on coming back. In my case, Yoghurt House was able to hook me up.


~ by sherwinportillo on October 9, 2012.

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