When we were about to go home after our Sagada trip, we shifted our course to Baguio City. We finally decided to take it as our alternate route because we were learned enough after the terrible experience we had encountered.

The weather wasn’t good when we arrived Baguio.  What we did then was to wait for a couple of minutes inside the terminal upon disembarking the bus thinking it would eventually stop. But, alas! The rain was teasing us. And so, we decided to forcefully thread through the unstoppable rain.

In front of Bus Terminal building was the Baguio Public Market. This is where one can find the freshest fruits and vegetables coming from other nearby provinces. The cheapest souvenirs and handicrafts can be found here too. The place was familiar to me because the house that I had been staying in the last time I went to Baguio was a few steps away from the market.

The strawberries and handicrafts were so alluring but I kept myself from buying. Traveling with so much stuff along with you is inconvenient. And so, I gave the chance to Cathe to shop the things she like after all Baguio is nearer to Manila than where she resides. Should it be necessary I can go there anytime.

We took a quick tour around the major tourist attractions before we headed off to the Victory Bus Terminal. Unfortunately, it was foggy. You can’t see anything. Instead, we ended up taking coffee at Te Quierro Restaurant.

Our trip going back to Manila was a smooth one and we didn’t encounter any inconvenience.

Behind every travel is the uncertainty of what might happen along the way. Thus, it’s the uncertainty that would make our travels more interesting. Traveling is a way of knowing what’s around us. After all it’s a way of learning. The more you explore, the more exciting it can be.


~ by sherwinportillo on October 8, 2012.

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