There are certain things in the Philippines that  can’t be found in other places. It’s quite odd but it’s obviously useful. Thus, it naturally shows the ingenuity of the Filipino people residing in a particular area. These are the following examples to name a few:

This is what we call  “Habal-habal”. This is a common transportation most especially if you’re going to an isolated area wherein the roads are narrow, unpaved and winding.

By looking at the young boy’s hat, it’s a true knight rider indeed. Isn’t it?

This is what we call  an improved “tricycle”.  It’s a public transportation that you can see most especially in the provinces. It’s unique and vivid.

And of course, As what is shown on the front signage, it’s a gift from God too.

To have prowess in any particular field is boundless. It needs only a creative mind and the nerve in order to ovulate something into reality that is unique and helpful.

~ by sherwinportillo on September 24, 2012.

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