When my mother turned sixty years old lately, I went to Tago, my hometown, to join her on her natal day celebration together with my other siblings who have been also residing away from home. It was a celebratory moment that’s filled with laughter and happiness.

At early dawn of my mother’s birthday, her previous students and other co-teachers had rendered her a surprised mañanita. While I was inside my room listening, I became emotional to the melodious sound of the medley birthday songs. My mixed emotion feeling had arisen  knowing for a fact that the serenade was dedicated to the person so dear to me. The love and care that they showed to my mother had utterly overwhelmed my heart with gladness.

In the evening, my mother hosted a dinner to all our relatives, neighbors, friends and her previous co-teachers. It was done in a candle light dinner. It coincidentally happened that the electricity in the entire town had encountered an instant problem. It turned out to be intimate and romantic celebration.

                             My mother at 60

Had not also been called complete my short vacation I was not able to visit my favorite destinations when I was still a young boy. I went to what I used to call  “my hometown’s haven”. The Tago Beach! The shoreline on this beach is facing to the Pacific Sea. This is where I used to go swimming together with my friends. We used to collect firewood too with my family as our fuel in cooking for our foods many years ago because the gas stove then had not been a necessity yet.

Whenever it’s a pebble shells season, we used to wriggle the sand using our bare feet until the shell appears. We used to call it in our own dialect as “Tagitis”. The soup is very delicious when it’s simmered to boiling water while adding it with ginger, lemon grass and salt to taste at the same time.

                                                 Tago Beach

While I was having my brisk walking, I was surprised by the new sports that I witnessed for the very first time in our town after so many years. Some teenagers were playing skim boarding and what made me fascinated is that they made the skim board out of their own ingenuity. I took pictures on them while they’re gliding along the surfs. In fairness, they have the potential. There innate gracefulness were flaunting naturally while they were playing to the rhythm of the oncoming tiny waves coming from a distance.

                                                      The Skim Boarders

I’ve had a quick tour also in our neighboring beach which is located in the town of Cagwait, Surigao del Sur. The beach is gifted with white-mocha sand. It was serene and beautiful too! The simple living lifestyle in the area is very relaxing.

                                                       Cagwait Beach

By going home once in a while to where we came from makes us reminisce the past while simultaneously envisioning ourselves positively towards the future. It helps to strengthen the true definition of being who we are as a person while fulfilling our endeavor to become what we want to be and wherever we may lead us through with our lives. The reunion experience with my siblings was a memorable one. Indeed, it was good to be home once again.


~ by sherwinportillo on September 20, 2012.

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