When my mother visited Manila last June, I was so proud of showing her the achievement I’ve got. It was her first time to visit my new house though and I felt the excitement while we were on our way going home.

Being a typical mother, she had washed my used clothes, cooked for me and she had even planted flowers outside the house when she was having her short stay. It reminded me of my younger years. She’s always been like that and I miss the way she cares for us siblings sometimes.

When she went back to province, I had no idea that she planted a few seeds of String Beans beside the gate’s house. I knew it later when the beans were sprouting exuberantly a week after. One thing I like most about this vegetable is that it’s not delicate. It would flourishly grow on its own with less supervision.

String Beans are like vines. It would snake ubiquitously to any open areas they can entwine on. The gate of my house is now filled with coiling beans and started to luxuriantly yield with its bearing fruit. It was so fast and I felt like it was only yesterday.


~ by sherwinportillo on August 4, 2012.

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