It’s good if the family has many siblings. It’s fun and there’s somebody whom we can lean on at all times. Though there are conflicts sometimes but then again, if we would look at it in a different perspective that’s how it makes like more beautiful and interesting.

When my sister visited Manila lately, we took time to have a bonding with my other brother. We’re five broods in the family actually and we hardly see each other these days unlike when we were still in our tender age. It’s really different now most especially we have our own respective lives to tend to.

And so, we set a time to have dinner together at Yakimix Restaurant. It’s my second time to eat there though. I even featured my first experience in this blog and my delight hasn’t been changed yet. The foods were still all devilishly delicious.

Our experience at this restaurant was a hearty one. Our conversation was even more intimate and serious. How I wish the five of us were all present it could have been happier.




~ by sherwinportillo on June 25, 2012.

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