Do you love paintings?

I am not a connoisseur but deep inside me I know that I have a fascination for it most especially, if I can relate to the creation of the artist.

When my home was still in my conception, it never fails in my dreams to have a painting that will depict my personality. I can be described as a happy person and a musician in my own right. And so, I wanted a painting that would be displayed on my wall similar to the reflection of myself.

My home was built finally last year and my happiness was indescribable. I can further say then that to keep on dreaming of something you desire most, it would eventually come into reality. The only possible way then is to keep the faith burning.

I’ve been taking my time to accessorize my home until now. It’s in my perception that by truly accessorizing it all at once is certainly very expensive except of course if you’ve a lot of dough. But then again, there would be no more thrill anymore to look forward to because it’s already complete.

The painting was my first accessory and it took me sometime this art  to find. There were many portraits in the art establishment that I’ve been to but then it’s very costly and was not the painting I’ve been looking for. Thankfully, I happened to pass by a tiny atelier along the road on my way home one time. It was filled with beautiful portraits. Upon glancing on the displayed item on the wall inside, I said to myself that it’s the painting I would emblazon on my wall.

The aesthetic art was entitled, Musician, by an artist known as James .It’s colorful and I can translate its shades of hue to myself as vivid and jovial. It’s a true description of my personality indeed. Thus, I can say then that it’s good to the feelings most especially if all the things that surround inside your abode have its own story and a personal touch of your creativity.


~ by sherwinportillo on June 22, 2012.

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