For the benefit of those who haven’t tried this restaurant yet, this is called Tokyo Tokyo. This establishment is nothing new in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, it can be found everywhere at some leading shopping malls in the country.

It was almost twelve in the afternoon when I happened to drop by Trinoma Mall to buy a little present for my one year old niece who’s celebrating her birthday lately. After the buying, l felt an unendurable hunger. It was obviously lunch time then. And so, I ended up eating at this food establishment.

This food chain store was situated on the first level of Trinoma Mall. The arrays of food establishment aside of course from Tokyo Tokyo were ubiquitous. I seldom ate here maybe that’s the reason why my impulse had been telling me to choose this restaurant.  It wasn’t overly crowded with customers when I had my lunch.

The restaurant was selling short ordered food and the menus were all permanently written on the imbedded chart above the counter. It’s conspicuous even in a distance.


I tried one of their best sellers called, “Pork Tonkatsu”. It was a breaded pork chop with sidings made of sautéed carrots and cabbage and a cup of rice. It was a typical food though and there’s nothing really fancy.


After finished ordering my chosen dish, I had no idea on what refreshment to drink aside from the popular soda I saw on the chart. And so, I intuitively asked the lady on the counter for a recommendation. She suggested trying their so called “Hokakaido Milk Tea” in a caramel flavor. The pungent taste of the herb in the beverage found me utterly unusual but it was good and refreshing.


It took me awhile to wait before I ate my ordered food because everything there was all freshly cooked. When it was served on my table, the foods were all neatly placed in a bento box. The box was fiery with a scarlet color. It was attractive and the setting was somehow parallel to a Japanese cuisine indeed. I liked it!

This restaurant was offering unlimited rice too. All you’ve to do then is to ask the roaming service crew carrying a rice bucket for more. In my case, the crew approached me if I needed to add extra rice but I refrained to only one cup. The idea of having this kind of offering was excellent.


~ by sherwinportillo on June 18, 2012.

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