Do you recycle your used papers?

Our office has a lot of ready for disposal bond papers. These are discarded papers from our drafts whenever we print our communications, reports or simply whenever we photocopy.

I don’t recycle before. All I do is I get rid of the used papers into the trash bins and let the garbage collector sort the rubbish.

One time the idea of stacking the papers according to its sizes and binding it with a fastener suddenly bobbed up into my mind. And, it works! I was able to make a writing pad.

Today, these are the papers I use whenever I write on something interesting like what I am sharing it to you now. Recycling is good. It turns the garbage into something useful and looks your ambience soothing and clean. And not only that, I learned that by managing to recycle our used papers you are helping our nature not to be destroyed.

Thus, recycling is safe to our environment. Let’s do it!


~ by sherwinportillo on June 15, 2012.

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