I’ve been looking for a curtain before that would be used as an accessory to the door in my room but unfortunately, it took me some time to decide on what material to buy because what I had in mind was a native handicraft that would perfectly blend its color with my home and other indigenous accessories inside. And most importantly, I was considering a product that’s obviously reasonable to my pocket.

When I’ve had the chance to visit Quiapo lately, I happened to drop by an array of handicrafts store located under the Quiapo Bridge. This place aside of course from Divisoria is illustrious in selling native handicrafts. Your eyes would be wide-open due to the huge variety that you can find and choose from. I can say that it is the right place for some people who have an inclination in creating native art works too.

I saw a displayed curtain that freely dangled inside the store. It’s made of sea shells. The color was perfectly fit with the hue of my home. Without a doubt I chose it right away. My intuition had been telling me instantly that it was the excellent curtain that would implicitly suit my room.

The curtain is hanging now and it creates an artistic silhouette. Every time I stare at it I find satisfaction. It’s worth the wait indeed.



~ by sherwinportillo on June 13, 2012.

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