Have you been to Balite Falls? I encountered these falls when I’ve had the chance to visit Tagaytay one time. These tiny falls are situated in the town of Amadeo, Cavite. If using the Crisanto Avenue road from Manggahan going to Tagaytay, you can see the conspicuous signage on the right side. All you need then is to turn to the right and follow the narrow paved road until you reach the entrance gate.

There are two cascading tiny falls that can be found in this area and it has also a man-made-mini-swimming pool intended for children. This mini-swimming pool is abundantly supplied with running water coming from the top of the mountain.


The cottages are built along the layers of ledges. The others are sprawled into squad near the mini-pool and beside the bank too. The area is cool and surrounded by trees.

There’s also a modest tangerine rest house. The door made me flabbergasted because it’s skilfully made. It has a border on each side which is completely carved with intricate floral design. I can say that it’s the most flamboyant and beautiful door I’ve ever seen so far.

This resort is owned and managed by the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Amadeo. It has an entrance fee of Php75.00/ person; the cottage rental is Php300.00 a day and the rest house is P5, 000.00 a day. To go there you’re advised to bring your own food.



~ by sherwinportillo on June 11, 2012.

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