By taking time to have a short break on our daily task is the best reward that we can utterly give to our self. And so, I decided one time to go home and visit the town of Cantilan. There’s something about this town that made myself be enchanted.

Cantilan is 23 nautical miles away from the capital province of Surigao Del Sur located in the outskirts of southeast Mindanao. The word Cantilangnon is the term being given to the people residing on this town. Cantilangnons are friendly and hospitable people. No wonder I have fallen in love with an enchanting and vibrant Cantilangnon woman. She’s God’s lovely made indeed.

One that Cantilangnon can boast of is their unspoiled beach shoreline. This shoreline has a luxuriant promontory that nestled from afar and it is located in San Pedro. Everyday, whenever the weather is good, you can casually see a league of fishermen catching fishes using a huge dragnet that they heaved from a far while simultaneously pulling it slowly and forcefully back into its refined gray sand. By glancing toward the horizon, you would be delighted too by the serene turquoise gleaming water like flickering crystals that freely glitters once the streak of the sunlight hits it. It’s really amazing.

Cantilan is also gifted with fascinating white sand islets. To go there, visitors can simply rent a pump boat to traverse from one islet to the other. These islets have its respective unique beauty. You will be marvelled by simply looking at it. The azure water is simply irresistible too. You can even swim bare naked without minding anyone watching you because it’s a place unexplored yet by the tourists.

Cantilan can be simply described in one word, BEAUTIFUL!


~ by sherwinportillo on June 1, 2012.

2 Responses to ““CANTILAN””

  1. amo gjud wang like shattes! kun-o man kamo pakasal? ninang ako!

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