Who would have thought that a fresh cultured mushroom can be used as an alternative patty for a beef? It’s very unusual to me though but it’s true.

One weekend in Tagaytay, while I was having my joy ride, I happened to drop by for a food establishment that so called, “Mushroom burger”. It was past two in the afternoon and I was not having my lunch, yet. I undoubtedly went inside not only that I was unendurably hungry; perhaps it could have been an insinuation of my being inquisitive.

The establishment was ample with customers. There were no vacant seats that it made me find time to wait for a while before I was able to find an empty chair, after I paid for my ordered meal.

I tried their so called, “King Burger”. This is the largest size burger they used to offer similar to the popular burger house that can be conspicuously seen anywhere in the metropolis. I found the patty succulent and tender. It tastes like real beef too! It’s an excellent alternative indeed to those who are vegetarians.

Mushroom Burger has other two branches that can all be found in Quezon City aside from Tagaytay. These are the only three establishments that can also be found in the Philippines.


~ by sherwinportillo on May 14, 2012.

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