The rays of the sunlight this summer season is implicitly scorching. It pierces through the body and I can’t endure walking along the street in the middle of the day without any coverings to shade myself. Refreshments and other cold food are salable in the market indeed.

I saw a man selling dirty ice cream in the street today and it intuitively reminds me of my Lolo Fidel when I was still a lad. He used to buy me a frigid dirty ice cream whenever the sorbetero (ice cream maker) would pass by at our ancestral house while I was at the patio playing. The clanging sound of the ringing bell was the hint that I would hastily go inside the house and get a cup and spoon so that I could have a loaded serving of ice cream.

Oh, memories. Those were the days….


~ by sherwinportillo on May 9, 2012.

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